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Since 2006, HDD of Florida has succeeded in many different directional drilling projects. Our knowledge and skills have been built up with over 24 years of industry experience. With industry-standard tools and cutting edge technology, our services have been used for a variety of industries including power, fiber, gas, telecom, water, sewer, and storm. Contact us now for a quote to see how we can help with your next directional drilling project.

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An image of a close up of a Ditch Witch in use.

The Bore Path to Success

Directional drilling is the best method to install a wide range of pipelines, conduits, and wiring with impressive accuracy, minor disruption, and less damage to the environment. During setup, we create a curved bore path from an entrance hole leading to an exit. This path is then used to install pipelines and wiring with minimal disturbance to everyday life. HDD of Florida is equipped with the right tools to assist you every step of the way.


The Nitty-Gritty

Our team of experts are properly trained and ready to get the job done no matter what the task. Watch the video below to learn more about the Horizontal Directional Drilling process and be sure to contact us today to get your project started.

A Detailed Look

An image of horizontal directional drilling equipment.

Planning The Path

Careful planning and utility spotting are completed to determine the best bore path before drilling can start. Following the planning and spotting phase, a small area will be set up for the drill to enter.

An image of a Ditch Witch drilling into the ground.

Drilling The Bore

Drilling begins and the pilot bore is created using the plan drafted during the first phase. The location of the pilot bore is carefully monitored throughout the process with the team being in constant communication to ensure everything runs smoothly.

An image of a worker use a Ditch Witch.

The Final Bit

Upon reaching the end of the pilot bore, the drill head will be pushed out of the exit pit where it will receive a larger back reamer. Another run back through the bore will be done to widen the hole. The pipeline can then be easily pulled into place using the drill rig. With a wider hole, the pipeline can then be easily slid into place using the drill rig.

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With our skills and a wide variety of tools, we can complete any job with great accuracy. Contact us now to begin your project.